Welcome To The Beginning Of The Jacob Eason Era

For many Husky Football fans, the start of a new era at quarterback and for the offense is met with grand excitement.

Last season, the guy they call “Skinny” transferred to Washington after beginning his college career with the Georgia Bulldogs.

The 6-foot-6, 227 pound Jacob Eason will be given the “controls” of an offense that is looking to ascend to another level.

It was widely speculated and reported yesterday that Eason was named the starting quarterback through various media outlets.

Earlier this morning, head coach Chris Petersen met with the media and officially announced what many already envisioned.

“Yah we have!  Yah..Jacob Eason will be our starting quarterback”.  Petersen said.

With Eason, the Huskies have a junior quarterback with tremendous upside and a ton of natural ability to go with it.

His ability to see over the line with his massive height gives Eason a clear advantage to survey the entire field.

As far as arm strength goes, Eason can throw the ball 60-plus yards down the field rather effortlessly, which adds a different dimension to the Husky offense.

Former Husky quarterback Hugh Millen has gone on record to say that Eason has the strongest arm of any quarterback to ever step foot on Montlake.

With Eason winning the job, it didn’t come without a battle throughout fall camp against sophomore Jake Haener, redshirt freshman Jacob Sirmon and true freshman Dylan Morris.

“If you want to talk about competition raising the level of play in a room, it was all those guys”.  Petersen said.

While Eason has been named the starter for the season opener against Eastern Washington, there are plenty of talented quarterbacks waiting in the wings if they are needed.

Besides the obvious talent and potential Eason brings to the Husky offense, sometimes the coach just has to trust his intuition when making these tough decisions.

“Like I said, sometimes it’s a gut feeling on things like that.  I mean..I think a lot of times it comes down to that.”  Petersen eluded to as a deciding factor.

The local kid and hometown star from Lake Stevens, Washington chose the Georgia Bulldogs over Washington when he was at Lake Stevens High School.

Even though he spurned the Huskies with his decision, coach Petersen always left the door open for a possible return should that situation arise.

Two years later, Eason has been named the starting quarterback and the prodigal son has infused life and enthusiasm into a fan base excited for the future!

The sky is the limit for the Husky offense this season with a ton of talented weapons for Eason to use at his disposal.

“Just working on staying consistent and staying positive and bringing energy and those little things really.  It’s just little things that I wanted to tweak from last year that I got to sit there and reflect on for a year.  Just little things!”  Eason told DubLife last week when asked about what he has improved on during fall camp.

‘Let the Jacob Eason Era Begin’!