“The 25 Days Of Husky Christmas” – 19 Days ‘Til

Counting down “The 25 Days of Husky Christmas”…..

DubLife.net is doing a Holiday countdown to Christmas highlighting special moments and statistics in Husky Athletics history.  Our segment is meant to bring positive thoughts of our favorite university during a time of the year where thanks and reflection is at the forefront of our minds.


The number 19 signifies the current ranking for the Washington Huskies Football Program in career wins as a University.

The Huskies currently recorded their third straight season of 10+ wins which has moved their career mark to 734 total wins.

Being ranked #19 in total wins gives them a top twenty ranking amongst all universities and shows the long-term success of the football program.

Out of the 734 total wins by the Huskies, 419 of those wins have come against conference opponents throughout their history.