“The 25 Days Of Husky Christmas” – 16 Days ‘Til

Counting down “The 25 Days of Husky Christmas”…..

DubLife.net is doing a Holiday countdown to Christmas highlighting special moments and statistics in Husky Athletics history.  Our segment is meant to bring positive thoughts of our favorite university during a time of the year where thanks and reflection is at the forefront of our minds.


The number 16 signifies the amount of points the 2009 Washington Husky Football Team scored in their monumental upset over #3 USC.

In just the third game of Steve Sarkisian‘s tenure, he faced off against his former mentor Pete Carroll and pulled off the 16-13 win at Husky Stadium.

After coming off an 0-12 campaign the season before, this win was one of the biggest wins in Husky history as it proved to be a major turning point.

The win infused a big jolt of life back into the football program, during a time where they were desperately searching for a lifeline.