Rose Bowl Musings For The Huskies

The Washington Huskies Football Team is about to embark on an adventure they haven’t experienced in over 18 years as a program.

With the Rose Bowl Game almost a week away, the focus and seriousness will become apparent in the coming days leading up to the game.

In these monumental and historic games, it’s important to take step back and enjoy the experience as well for the Husky fan base.

Lighthearted laughter during the Holidays is fun and for Husky fans there is a lot to be excited about this year and especially this week.

We take a comical look at all the reasons the Huskies should be excited for the upcoming Rose Bowl Game…..

Coach Petersen Gets To Save His Back Playing On Grass

With the success that the Huskies Football Program has had under Chris Petersen, it will delight fans to know that the Rose Bowl game will help his health.  Rose Bowl Stadium is played on a grass field which the Huskies don’t get to play on very often.  Earlier this season, “Coach Pete” said he prefers to play on grass fields as opposed to turf fields.  “I think grass is better. I do. I just think it feels better because I’m old and when I stand on turf my back hurts and it doesn’t hurt when I’m on grass.”  Petersen said.  Keeping Petersen healthy means he will be able to have a longer career coaching the Huskies.

Myles Bryant’s Name In the Rose Bowl Program Instead Of Selling Them

Huskies “Nickel” Myles Bryant is from the city of Pasadena and this game will be a homecoming of sorts for him and his family.  Growing up, Bryant used to make the Rose Bowl Game an annual event to attend each year.  During his high school football career, Bryant actually sold Rose Bowl programs outside of the stadium as a fundraiser for his Loyola High School Football Team.  This year, Bryant will actually be able to put on a uniform and experience the game from down on the field instead of from the stands.  The drawback is he won’t be making any money selling programs which might be a disappointment for him.

Last Chance For Ben Burr-Kirven To Win An Award Because He Is Short Of Them

Heading into the Rose Bowl Game, Ben Burr-Kirven enters the game as the nation’s leading tackler at 165 total.  The game will give Burr-Kirven one last chance to earn an award after a shortage of them this season.  He only has been named 2018 Pac-12 Football Scholar Athlete of the Year, 2018 Pat Tillman Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, 2018 CoSIDA Academic All-America Second Team, 2018 CoSIDA Academic All-District 82018 First-Team All-America (Associated Press, FWAA, ESPN, Athlon’s), 2018 Second-Team All-America (, Walter Camp Football Foundation,, Sporting News, CBS, USA Today)2018 Honorable Mention All-America (PFF)2018 All-Pac-12 First Team2018 Academic All-Pac-12 First Team2018 Lott IMPACT Trophy Finalist, and 2018 Bednarik Award Semifinalist amongst some other awards.  This Rose Bowl Game may make or break Ben’s happiness with the lack of recognition he has received this season!

Gives Coach Ikaika Malloe The Opportunity To Wear His Hawaiian Shorts While Coaching

If there is one thing to know about coach Ikaika Malloe, it’s his love for wearing shorts while he is coaching in practice.  Call it an “island thing” because even in cold and rainy weather, Malloe can still be seen as a shorts loyalist.  With the Rose Bowl set in beautiful Pasadena, California, it gives Malloe a chance to add to his wearing shorts resume.  For the first time, Malloe can wear Hawaiian shorts while coaching an actual game and also during the month of December.  Doing this will give him a recruiting advantage as well, with the Polynesian high school players that will be attending the game, who are interested in playing for the Huskies!

Myles Gaskin Gets Another Chance To Ride Off Into the Sunset With Another Platinum Hit

A few weeks ago, after the Huskies 28-15 Apple Cup victory, senior running back Myles Gaskin became famous while doing a postgame interview with teammate Salvon Ahmed.  In the interview, Gaskin said “I Ain’t Never Lost To No Coug'” and since then, that “hit” has gone Platinum for his Hip Hop Artist career.  With the Rose Bowl ahead, Gaskin has the opportunity to make another Platinum “hit” while riding off into the sunset with a victory.  By beating Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, Gaskin can gain more rapid acclaim with his new hit “I Ain’t Never Lost To No Urban”.  Afterwards, Gaskin will face the tough decision of pursuing an NFL career or Hip Hop?!