Peyton Henry Maturing At The Right Time For The Huskies

In a season where special teams has been an emphasis for improvement, the Huskies have found a bright spot in the kicking game.

The play of sophomore placekicker Peyton Henry has been outstanding so far and has kept the Husky offense afloat.

Last year, while experiencing his new role as a starter, Henry had to learn the ropes and sometimes with teaching moments.

Coming into fall camp, Henry had one goal in mind for himself and that was to get mentally tougher as a kicker, and stay in the moment.

“More on the mental aspect you know..knowing what to expect this year, focusing on how to be more mentally tough..lock into the situation and make the kick no matter what,” Henry told DubLife this week.

‘Making the kick for sure’ is exactly what Henry is doing, and arguably has been the Huskies most consistent player this season.

Currently, Henry is 5 for 5 on the season with his field goal attempts, and kicked the clutch 49-yarder in the waning moments against California.

“Just trying to help the team out you know..put the team on the back, add some points, help the team to get in position to win that game and it all starts with the snap and the hold, so shout out to AJ and Race for putting me in position to make that field goal,” Henry told DubLife in regards to his mindset during his season long 49-yard field goal.

Being around Henry for just a few minutes, you immediately get the sense that he is a team guy first, with giving his teammates credit for his success.

With being thrown into the fire last season and battling adversity, it helped Henry arrive at this moment of success in his young career.

“Ups and downs all never get too high, never get too low, so try to build off that.  Never dwell on one moment as a kicker, especially cuz’ you never want that to play into how the next kick just a learning experience, you move on and get better from it,” Henry said.

Henry has always had a strong leg and has put tremendous work in during the offseason to getting stronger in the weight room.  It is his mental psyche that has made the biggest leap in his maturation.

Obviously, the Huskies would like to score more touchdowns in the redzone and not have to call Henry’s number four times a game to end drives.

But..what a nice luxury to have, with Henry this season!

Gone are the days of Washington head coach Chris Petersen and offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan going for 4th and long plays to avoid kicking field goals.

As evidenced during the California game, Petersen and staff have the utmost confidence in Henry in critical moments throughout the game.

It’s his time to shine now, and Henry is fully ready and embracing the challenge to the fullest.  He is poised for a breakout season and his head coach fully has his back.

“He’s money!” Petersen said this week.