Husky Football Fantasy Power-Ups

The Washington Huskies are officially on their bye week which provides an opportunity for the coaches to assess all area of improvements.

It also lends the time for Husky fans to look at which areas they would change from the football team, in order to have their perfect season.

Currently, the Huskies have an overall record of 7-3 on the season after starting the year off with very high expectations.  Those projected achievements included winning a Pac-12 Championship and earning a berth into the College Football Playoff.

The margin for error in having a perfect season is razor-thin and sometimes just a few different things can completely change the landscape of your season.

Even though the Huskies have three losses on the season, they are just a few minutes away from actually being 10-0 on the season.  They have lost all three games on the season by a total of 10 points.

Closing out those three games can sometimes come down to the lack of production in essential areas of the football team.

In the world of video games, we have special abilities called “power-ups”.  These can either be purchased for a price or can be attained by completing rare tasks along the way.

In fantasy, if you purchased the Husky Football video game at the store for your Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo, which power-ups would you try to attain in order to beat the game?

In this segment, we take a look at five power-ups available to you in the “drop down menu” and how they would affect the crafting of your dream Husky season?

You are only able to choose ONE of the following power-up options…..


One thing that has hampered the Huskies success this season has been their inability to finish the deal once they get down into the redone.  The Huskies currently rank 95th in the nation in “red zone” offense and have continually had productive drives stall and fizzle out.  In the Pac-12 conference, the Huskies currently rank 10th in “red zone” offense.  What if you could score at will from the 20-yard line and in?  Would that improve the Huskies to a 9-1 or 10-0 season and knocking on the door for the College Football Playoff?  Would Jake Browning be an All-Pac-12 quarterback this season with supreme efficiency?


For a second straight season, injuries have completely hampered the Huskies which has really impacted the level of play on the field.  Coming into the season, the Huskies had a fairly healthy roster but injuries have mounted along the way and taken its toll.  Also, some players have had to medically retire from the game of football itself and other players have left for “personal” reasons.  What if you could have a complete Husky roster with all its parts in place?  Would that be good enough to have a 10-0 record right now?  Would zero injuries circumvent the lack of “killer instinct” that the Huskies have been missing?


This season, the Huskies have broken in two new signal callers on both offense and defense.  On defense, the Huskies still have co-defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski helping out Jimmy Lake each week and the defense has played a high level all season.  Offensively, first year offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan has had to learn on the fly and there is a learning curve to calling plays at the highest levels.  Chemistry with your quarterback and finding an offensive rhythm while maximizing all your weapons is essential.  Would the Huskies have been able to turn the tide in this three losses with flawless play calling?


Head coach Chris Petersen prides himself on the value of having quality special teams play.  The Huskies currently rank 65th in the nation for kickoff returns and 106th in punt returns.  On kickoff return defense, the Huskies currently rank 81st in the nation and also rank 92nd in punt return defense.  The Huskies are tied for 35th in field goal kicking percentage nationally and don’t rank in the top 100 for punting yards average per kick.  If the Huskies had significantly better field position and a few more points on the board is that enough to change the complexion of the season?


With the Huskies struggling to get consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks, the pass rush has been highly scrutinized.  Currently the Huskies rank 110th in nation in total sacks with only 15 recorded on the season at an average of 1.50 per game.  In the tackles for loss category, the Huskies currently rank 122nd in the nation and are only averaging 4.2 tackles for loss per game.  The Huskies have lacked that elite pass rusher off the edge this season and in seasons past.  What would happen if the Huskies ranked at the top of the list?  Would the Huskies have a 10-0 record on the season with College Football Playoff aspirations?

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