Fall Camp Day 3: Practice Notes

The Washington Huskies held their third Fall Camp practice this afternoon and Day Three is officially in the books.


– The team started out practice on the East Practice Field with the QB group getting some work inside the stadium during the middle of practice.

– The weather was sunny, windy and hot.

– The length of the practice was approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.


– The team practiced with shoulder pads for the first time during Fall Camp today, while wearing shorts, helmets and jerseys and focused a lot on reps and technique.

– Today’s practice was focused on fundamentals and coverages on both sides of the ball.

– Today’s 11 on 11 sessions consisted of doing continuous drives for the QB’s instead of just stopping the scrimmages the previous practices.

– Drill work included punt return catching, punting, blocking, route running, coverages, DB backpedals, QB fades, QB out routes, linemen stances, shuffle footwork, DB sideline picks, linebackers alignment with barrels.

– The QB group worked on touch passes, throws out to the flat and slants.  Jacob Eason was very accurate on his slant throws.  Jake Haener had some quick releases during scrimmages.  Jacob Sirmon had some improved touch on his deep fade route throws.  Dylan Morris is still getting used to the speed of the game.  Overall this group is getting more fluid each day of camp.

– During the 11 on 11 session the First Team Offense consisted primarily of Nick Harris, Luke Wattenberg, Ty Jones, Trey Adams, Salvon Ahmed, Jake Haener, Jared Hilbers, Hunter Bryant, Andre Baccellia, Aaron Fuller, Jaxson Kirkland.  Cade Otton, Terrell Bynum and Chico McClatcher rotated in with this group.

– During the 11 on 11 session the First Team Defense consisted primarily of Myles Bryant, Kyler Manu, Brandon Wellington, Cameron Williams, Levi Onwuzurike, Elijah Molden, Keith Taylor, Benning Potoa’e, Joe Tryon, Ryan Bowman, Tuli Letuligasenoa.  John Clark, Kyler Gordon, Josiah Bronson and Sam Taimani and Zion Tupuola-Fetui rotated with this group as well.

– Coach Pete was intently watching the punt returners catch balls during a drill.

– The Blue Angels we’re flying loudly overhead the entire practice.

– FG Kickers got some kicks in during warmups.

– QB’s worked with the RB’s on passes in the flat.

– QB Jake Haener took the first snaps with the 1st Unit at the start of practice.

– QB Jacob Eason took the first snaps with the 1st Unit towards the end of practice.

– First day in shoulder pads!

– PK Peyton Henry hit his first FG of the day from 37-yards.

– PK Tim Horn’s first FG of the day was blocked.

– Lots of special teams coverage work during the middle of practice.

– Defensive Line worked on rushing off the edge pile-on drills.

– Linebackers worked on alignment with barrels.

– Defense worked on covering sideline passes during a drill.

– Running backs worked on quick feet while being down in their stances during a drill.

– Injured players worked out on the sideline with ropes.

– Strong emphasis on punt coverage and gunner work.

– DB’s had pads thrown at their feet for stability and balance work.

– Center snaps were a problem all day long with them coming in high.

– Tight Ends worked on footwork and stances during drills.


– DB Elijah Molden was getting sacks, two picks and swarming to the football all day.

– QB Jacob Eason had a great day with consistent and accurate throws and making good reads all practice long.


– WR Fatu Sua-Godinet had some nice catches during scrimmages and ran crisp routes.

– QB Dylan Morris made some crisp and decisive throws and has had a decent camp so far.


– QB Jake Haener scrambles for 20-yards during 11 on 11.

– QB Jake Haener throws 25-yard sideline pass to TE Hunter Bryant during 11 on 11.

– DB Keith Taylor blocks Tim Horn’s first FG attempt of the day during 11 on 11.

– OLB Ariel Ngata sacks QB Jacob Eason during 11 on 11.

– QB Dylan Morris throws 30-yard TD pass to WR Fatu Sua-Godinet during 11 on 11.

– QB Jacob Eason throws 30-yard strike over the middle to TE Hunter Bryant during 11 on 11.

– QB Jacob Sirmon’s 20-yard throw over the middle to WR Trey Lowe during 11 on 11.

– QB Jake Haener’s 20-yard one arm sideline throw to RB Kamari Pleasant during 7 on 7.

– DB Elijah Molden’s pick on Jake Haener during 7 on 7.

– DB Elijah Molden’s second pick on Jake Haener during 11 on 11.

– QB Jacob Eason’s 45-yard TD throw to WR Chico McClatcher during 11 on 11.

– WR Quinten Pounds over the middle acrobatic 25-yard catch from QB Jake Haener during 11 on 11.

– RB Sean McGrew’s change of direction spin 20-yard run during 11 on 11.

– DB Myles Bryant’s pick of QB Jake Haener by the goal line during 11 on 11.

– DB Isaiah Gilchrist’s fumble recovery from QB Jacob Eason during 11 on 11.


– Defense won the day as it provided blanket coverage and came away with several picks during scrimmages.  They came away with 5 total turnovers on the day.


– TE Jacob Kizer

– OL Cole Norgaard 

– OL Troy Fautanu


– Some former Husky players and coaches that were at practice were Hugh Mullen.


– None


– None


– None


– “Nonstop development and a relentless pursuit of getting better!” (Defensive Line Coach Ikaika Malloe said in regards to rewarding some of the walk-on’s/younger players with scholarships).


– “Maybe double, maybe triple (laughs).  A whole lot more.  Not in terms of what I eat.  I still eat fish, chicken, rice, all that!  Good food, just alot..a bigger portion!  Definitely more cheat days and taking advantage of those (laughs).”  (DL Benning Potoa’e said about his diet this offseason compared to last year’s offseason).


– The Huskies return to the practice field for Fall Practice #4 tomorrow (Monday, August 5th at 3:05 p.m.).