“A New Reign” – Washington Huskies Football Head Coaching Change Podcast

This past week, DubLife was able to join the weekly podcast show “Dawg Thoughts” again, to discuss the bombshell breaking news of Washington Huskies Football head coach Chris Petersen stepping down, and the appointing of Jimmy Lake as his successor.

During the show we go over the following topics:

How shocking was the news that Chris Petersen walked away from coaching so abruptly?

– Some warning signs and indicators that Petersen was unhappy coaching this season

– The “selflessness” of Petersen to hand the football program off to somebody else

– Why Jimmy Lake’s loyalty to the Huskies deserved to be rewarded

– Is “Jimmy Montlake” ready to be a first time head coach?

– How Lake’s personality differs from Petersen and what impact that will have on the program going forward

– What will the defensive and offensive coaching staff’s look like under Lake?

“Dawg Thoughts” is a Husky Football conversation with host Tysen Allumbaugh.  The show provides professional expertise and analysis that includes game previews, predictions, practice updates, recruiting news, X’s and O’s and recaps. Special guests are featured regularly, including past Husky Football players, as well as past NFL players. “Dawg Thoughts” has emerged as one of the premiere Husky podcast shows available to all Husky fans.  It blends knowledgeable coverage with a personalized touch, making it appealing to any type of fan and listener.  DubLife is partner with the show “Dawg Thoughts” throughout the season.

You can listen to the show by choosing one of the following methods:


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Dawg Thoughts: “A New Reign” – Washington Huskies Football Coaching Change (Apple Podcasts)


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